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Welcome to Sony's Auto.

Sony's Auto has been in business since 2001 and so far we have sold over 2200 Used Vehicles of all types. We deal with only popular and reliable Japanese vehicles.  

We also buy mechanically good and reasonably priced used Japanese Vehicles locally.

We can also sell your vehicle on Consignment. 

We have our own in-house Service Center and we cater to our own car buyers at a discounted price.

Buy a Car from Sony's Auto..... And Sony's Auto will buy it back from you.....

Are you looking for a vehicle for Short Term? About a Year or so? Are you worried about the HUGE Cost of Maintenance on this Island? Wondering what will happen if you buy a vehicle now but cannot sell it when you are ready to leave?

We have a Solution..... Buy a Vehicle from us..... We will help take care of the Maintenance..... And when you leave..... Will buy it back from you at a pre-determined depreciated price.....


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